Sunday, January 19, 2014


At our house the children keep growing and having birthdays.  There have been several birthdays that I have not documented here.  I am hoping that those kiddos will forgive me.  I suppose the most important thing is that they were each loved and celebrated on their day.:)

Thirteen years old is a big deal at our house!  I wanted to share with you what our family does to celebrate this milestone.  Historically, the age of thirteen would be a mile marker toward adulthood.  Many famous men and women in history were doing remarkable things in their teen years.

Our society today has trained parents to believe that the teen years are a time to be fearful of.  We are led to believe that we should expect these precious little ones that we gave birth to will turn into rebellious young adults who lack self control and disrespect authority.

In our home we look at the teen years in a very different way. We celebrate this step toward adulthood with a different kind of birthday party.

A month or so before my child's birthday I ask them to make a list of women (or men, depending on the child's gender) that they believe has been influential in their life and in their relationship with Christ.  These are the people that are invited to this very special birthday party.

 Last weekend our Sweet Pea turned thirteen and we had a wonderful time with a houseful of women and their daughters.  Sweet Pea wanted a Tea Party that included those cute little tea sandwiches and scones with devonshire cream.  Yum!

There are no presents at this party.  Well, not the kind of presents that a girl of thirteen would typically receive.  Each women that was invited was asked to write out a letter filled with thoughts, encouragement, scripture and words that might help Sweet Pea as she moves toward womanhood.

 After tea and sandwiches, we all gathered in the living room as Sweet Pea sat and listened to words of love and wisdom from her mom, dad, aunts, sisters, grandmothers, teachers and friends.  I was in awe of the amazing ladies who have been a part of her life so far.  What a privilege to hear all that God had shared with them about Sweet Pea.  I am so thankful that she has such a godly community of women to share her life with.

After cake and more tea we had a time of prayer for the future of our daughter.  She had such a lovely time and was overwhelmed at the thoughtfulness of each friend who came.

She is already such a beautiful young woman.  I am so thankful for the relationship I have with her.  I know as she grows that there will challenges and changes, but I don't fear the years to come.

My next step is to take these beautiful words of wisdom and the pictures taken that day and create a memory book that she will have to look back on as she goes through the years ahead.

Happy Birthday Sweet Pea!!  I love you so!

Sweet Momma