Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Day After...

This time of year our country celebrates its independence with parades, fireworks and a very large consumption of hot dogs.  (You know you ate one, or two:)  Our family was like no other.  We got together with family and had a marvelous fourth.  We arrived home around 11pm and waited till 1am for the loud booming to subside.

 The day after the merriment is a very special day for me.  It is every year.  This year, as well as others in the past, my request for the day was to get out into nature and hike in the woods.  So my sleepy kids and husband obliged me.  Our eldest daughter is off at the Bible Quizzing International competition.  We missed her on our hike, but we know she is having a marvelous time in Canada.
 We went on a hike that took us past the Greenwater river and up to the Greenwater Lakes.  It was beautiful.  There were many of these log bridges to cross.  This one had rails on both sides.  Many of them only had one rail.  Just a bit of stress on a lovely day for this momma.  We made it across each bridge safely and continued on our hike.  On this trail, dogs and horses are allowed.  I would love to see a horse cross one of the bridges.

 We made it to our destination and enjoyed our lunch beside this beautiful lake.  The kids pondered what made it green.  What do you think?
I grew up camping and hiking in the woods.  I am always happy and at peace when I am here.  We live in such a beautiful place.  God clearly enjoys beauty.  He created so many wonderful things on this earth for us to enjoy.

How long has it been since you packed up the kids and went for a hike in the woods?  May I encourage you to go outside and play!  So much fun!

Sweet Momma