Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Vacation 2010 - Part 2

Our first day of play at the beach was wonderful! It was my birthday and I enjoyed every minute of the fun. I love the ocean and the freedom that it gives my children. Our backyard has a fence. But the ocean brings endless opportunities for running and jumping and exploring. One of my favorite comments of the week came from Little Buddy. As he went to bed after his first day of play at the beach, he wanted to know who was putting the gate up around the ocean, so that no one would fall in at night.

Water and sand: hours of entertainment!

Here are Elsie and M&M, my two big girls. They must have walked and talked like this for an hour. It was beautiful to see. There is a line in M&M's baby book, where I wrote, "Today you met your best friend." It is true, they are. I wonder what they were talking about...

I think I have fifty pictures just like this one. Little Buddy shoveled the whole time we were at the beach. There is a shovel in his hand in every picture. I think that boys must have a strong need to move dirt.

Our newest parenting strategy: If your kids are getting out of hand or running around, bury them up to their knees and they are much easier to keep track of.
Sweet Momma

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