Sunday, January 22, 2012

Another Birthday for Our Cate!

On the 16th of this month we celebrated 14 years with our Cate!  

I am so thankful for Cate!  Of all of our children, she is the most like me.  At times this has caused some frustration on both of our parts.=)  But what I am finding, as she is growing up, is that I understand where she is coming from and usually know how to help if it is needed.

Cate should be called Joy, because that is what she brings to our lives.  She fills up the room with warmth when she enters it.  She is always up to try something new and can find "fun" in any situation.

She has always loved color and has taken on an affinity for anything that sparkles.  The more glitter, the better!  It's no surprise to me that she loves things that sparkle.  She is bright and bold and sparkles from the inside out!

It has been a blessing to watch her mature over this past year.  She is growing into a woman who loves God and deeply cares about others.

Her greatest challenge is Algebra.  Maybe if I put some glitter on the pages of her book it will become more appealing.=)  Algebra is teaching her that a lot of things in life are HARD and well worth working for.

My favorite memories this year with Cate are the times that she and I sit down and work through our Bible study together.  It is a quiet time where we each are able to share our hearts.

Happy Birthday Cate!  Know that you are loved and cherished by all who know you!

Sweet Momma

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