Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Give Me Jesus

Our daughter Elsie is a senior in high school and has been studying American Sign Language since she was nine years old.  She knew after the first class that she took at our church that ASL was what she wanted to pursue as a career.  We waited and watched as she continued in her studies.
She has shown a passion for this language and for the 
Deaf Community that has been inspiring to watch.

Recently she was given the opportunity to begin signing for worship at our church.  The first time she got up on stage and began signing to praise songs I became overwhelmed by God's goodness.

When our children are little we hope and pray that they will grow up to be who God has designed them to be.  I was standing in church watching my daughter step into the role that God had designed her for. It was beautiful and it brought tears to see her doing exactly what she loves.

Please watch as she signs to a song of special music called 
"Give Me Jesus."

Sweet Momma

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