Saturday, February 20, 2010

Another Face Changed Forever!!!

When we met Sunshine in Ethiopia we noticed that her two front teeth were quite loose. I told her not to wiggle them because I was not ready for them to come out. I had just met her and wanted to get to know her with those adorable baby teeth.

This past week she watched her brother lose his tooth. At our house, when you lose a tooth, you get candy under your pillow. I know, the dentist loves us!=) She watched her brother get a big Butterfinger bar and that was all the motivation needed.

She told me that her friends in Ethiopia pulled out her two bottom teeth because she was afraid to. But she wanted to be the one to pull this one out.

She was very nervous, but I talked her through it. The moment it came out she screamed and ran up to show Pumpkin. "Look, out!" Cheers all around! Such a brave girl!

Sweet Momma

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Chris said...

so sweet!! Did she tell you taht in Ethiopia they throw their teeth on the roof? And then the bird comes to get them, and from what we can gather from our kids, the bird puts a new tooth in their mouth!

It's fun to see your family! Maybe we can get together one of these days!

Chris Butler