Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day Dedication

Today was an incredibly special day for our family. Our church family has embraced our adoption in an amazing way and today they joined us in dedicating Sunshine and Little Buddy to God.

Our dear friends, the Averills, who adopted two boys from Ethiopia about five months ago, also joined the dedication. When each of our children was born we brought them before our congregation and committed to raising them in a home that honors God. The pastors, staff and congregation would then also commit to praying for our child and helping us in this process. We know that dedicating a child to the Lord does not save them, it is merely a promise before God to purpose each day to serve Him through our parenting and our lives.

Our pastor was willing to allow a special dedication for our two families of adopted children. He addressed how in the Bible God sees those who have accepted Christ as adopted - and as having the rights and privileges as any other child. He asked us if we would promise to accept these children as our own and raise, love and discipline them in the same way that we have done with our biological children. He then asked the congregation if they would be willing to support us. They all stood to show their support. Sweet Pea looked at me and said, "Wow!" I agree.

The dedication ended with prayer and applause. I am so grateful for this opportunity. Would you also commit to praying for our family? Thank you in advance for the blessings that God will give because of your prayers.
Sweet Momma

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