Friday, March 19, 2010

Fun Pictures!

This is Sunshine showing the twists I put in her hair. I like these better than the last style. They stayed in for about three days. Her hair has a looser curl and these types of styles don't stay in too long. She looked adorable. And she loved the butterfly clips!

Making breakfast
Big smiles for my latest Ethiopian attempt. This is Doro We't. It is a chicken stew. It was very easy to make and the smell in our house took me right back to Ethiopia. It did the same for my little ones. They came running down the stairs saying, "Oooooh, smells good!"

While eating dinner I asked Sunshine where she had eaten Doro We't in Ethiopia. She said, "No Doro We't in Ethiopia." I was dumbfounded. How funny! Little Buddy said that they had eaten it there and I actually found a picture to prove it.

I think it is a special meal for a holiday or the like. They thoroughly enjoyed it. I found Sunshine sucking on the chicken leg when the meal was over.=)

Making breakfast on another day.
What a ham!
We are definitely settling in around here. I don't understand why I am still so tired. :)

Little Buddy has decided that he is completely in love with Stand-Up Dad and I. We are so glad! Many times during the day he comes up and snuggles in and says "I lub you!" Kisses and hugs follow. He goes off to play for a little bit and is right back to repeat his affection.

It makes me want to cry. Adoption is such a beautiful demonstration of God's love. This little boy had no idea who I was four months ago and today he is living and breathing my presence. Isn't that how it is with God? His love is so great that He is with us each of us each moment whispering in our ear that He loves us.

For this I rejoice!
Sweet Momma

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