Friday, March 26, 2010

We Are Singing a New Song!

There is new music in our home and I love it! From the first day that we met, Sunshine and Little Buddy have been singing. The songs are beautiful praise songs to God. They have taught them to us and we are all rejoicing with them. I hope they never forget these songs from their homeland.


Sweet Momma


Noelle said...


ReSoNate said...

Love it! ... we saw you from across the room at Lalibela's last month but didn't get a chance to meet you. We will bringing home 2 children soon (and becoming parents for the first time!) I've been wanting to ask you... You mentioned an Ethiopian Cook Book you've been using. Could you share the title? Thanks.

Susan and Charles said...

Thanks so much for posting this!! This has inspired me to record Libby singing all the songs she knows (Amharic & Tigrinya). I soooo do not want her to forget any of these. Libby knows this song that your kiddos are singing and she insisted on teaching us when I showed her that Sunshine and Little Buddy's siblings were singing it too.

Kimberlyn Totten said...

This is so wonderful Katie...the kids have me playing it over and over again...cause they want to learn it too.There rendition does not sound as graceful for sure. We love and miss all of you. Blessings to you and all of yours.