Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Surprise! Surprise!!

This past Monday was our last day of our home school co-op for the year. It was a great day and the kids were very excited to be done. What they didn't know was that they would be spending the next 24 hours playing in the water at Great Wolf Lodge.

Our dear friends, the Stuarts, told us about a special at this water park for home schooling families. It happened to fall on the evening of the last day of co-op. The Stuarts also booked a room and that added to the fun for our kids.

I am generally not one for surprises. I like to have time to anticipate the upcoming event. But it was a lot of fun to spring this on the kids and see their reaction. Elsie took a full 10 minutes before she believed that we were serious.

We all had a wonderful time. I think that Sunshine and Little Buddy assume that we go places like this all the time. I had to explain that we had never been there before, ever, and it is "special" that we got to go this time. They had a blast! I am so amazed by these two little ones and how they take on their new world.

Here is Pumpkin with his buddy Peter. They are showing off their teeth or lack of teeth.

This was Little Buddy's first time in the water. It took him a few hours to learn how to balance in the water and that when the water hits your face you shouldn't breath in or you will come up coughing and sputtering. By the second day he was so proud to show how he could jump in the water and come up with this adorable smile.

This water park has some amazing water slides and a wave pool. Our four big kids were very busy climbing stairs and sliding down these crazy tubes.
Sweet Momma

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