Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas - Our December...

Each year I am amazed at how the month of December flies by.  Here are a few shots we captured to remember Christmas 2011.  Hope you enjoy them!
 Sunshine and Little Buddy had so much fun "feeling" their stockings on Christmas Eve.  We went to our church service and then invited our cousins over for dinner and decorating Graham Cracker Houses.

 This year Sweet Pea and Bookworm had acting parts in the Christmas Play at church.  Sweet Pea played a ditzy blond.  She pulled it off quite well.  Bookworm was a very nervous choir director.  They had such a great time sharing the story of Christmas in a new way.

 Here is the crew standing in front of our Christmas tree, right before Stand-Up Dad knelt down in the mud to cut it down.  Our Dad is SO amazing!

Every year our kiddos choose a new ornament for the tree.  My hope is that when they leave our home, one day, they will have ornaments for their own tree.
This year we decorated porcelain ornaments.  They loved this activity and amazed me with their artistic ability.

Christmas is now over, but I am feeling extremely blessed by the good gifts of our family and friends.
May God bless you and yours in the coming new year!

Sweet Momma

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