Saturday, September 13, 2014

50 Years!

 Today is the day that my parents celebrate 50 years of marriage!  What a gift!  I am selfish when I say that their marriage has been a precious gift to me.  I have watched their marriage vows played out in front of me for more than forty years.  I have seen with my own eyes what "better and worse" looks like and "richer and poorer."  And through it all my mom and dad have stood side by side, determined to honor those vows that they made so many years ago.

Look at them.  They were babies.  Barely into their twenties and stepping into a life full of hopes and dreams.  They trusted God and did an amazing job raising me and my two brothers.  Life has definitely had its ups and downs.  But that is common in every life that has lived more than 70 years.

They taught me who God is and that He loves me.  They taught me to obey and honor my elders and to always be honest.  They have lived life in a way that showed me to never give up, never give in and trust God in everything.  I am so thankful.
 A couple of weeks ago we all got together to celebrate.  It is so much fun when we all get together!  This is another testament to my parents and their love for family.  It struck my parents, as they reminisced, that because of their marriage 50 years ago...  they were no longer two, but twenty.
 Thank you Mom and Dad!  Your marriage has been such an incredible example to me and my whole family!  Many blessings to you on this precious day!  I love you more than words!
Happy Anniversary!!!

Sweet Momma

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