Saturday, September 27, 2014


This month officially marks the first adult child (does that make sense?) at our house.
That's right!  Elsie is eighteen!!!  Her dad and I were struck by how fast the last eighteen years have gone and how good God has been.  When you hold that first babe in your arms, you have hopes and dreams for them.  But you never know what will happen.  God has been very faithful.  Our Elsie is an amazing young woman who has exceeded our hopes and dreams by far.  
Here are a few of her thoughts... 
 How old are you today?  18!!!  When I was nine, my only goal was to get to 6th grade because the 6th graders were so grown up and cool.  When I was in Junior High, I thought all the high school kids were so old, let alone the college kids.  Well, here I am - an adult at last!  I don't feel "that old" at all.

Can you describe the kind of person you are?  I absolutely love kids, especially preschoolers.  I would spend all of my time with them if it was socially acceptable.  I may seem to be quiet in large groups, but put me with a couple of close friends and you will find me VERY talkative.  I could talk about the deep things of life all day, but if I don't feel like I have anything worth saying, I might as well read a book.  I love getting to know God more each day.  He is so good and He gives me amazing fulfillment and purpose.
Handmade dress by Elsie
 Favorite color?  Blue.  I don't know why, but it just is.

Favorite person in the whole world?  I'll start with the obvious answer:  Jesus!  Other than that, I really don't know.  I guess I would say my family and my Bible Quizzing Internationals Team.  They are the most fun ever.

Hardest thing right now?  Probably learning to balance school, work, and activities.  I just finished up working at our State Fair (Yea!), and it was absolute craziness to keep track of both jobs and online school and my other commitments.  I really like being busy, but it is important to find the balance so that time with God and my family is priority.
Writing scripture in the sand at the beach
 Favorite thing to do?  It really depends on how I'm feeling:  If I am upset... I play piano.  Those dense chords help in getting frustration out. Ha ha!  If I am feeling creative... I love to sew.  If I am feeling joyful... I love to sign to worship songs in ASL.

Favorite food/drink?  Water (boring, I know) and coconut rice.  Most.  Amazing.  Food.  Ever!

 What do you not like?  Lifeguarding an empty pool.  Really boring.  
(Just a hint: Come to the Y, y'all!)  Dealing with grumpy customers ( I destroyed a little girl's day and happiness because we were out of scone mix, I was told.)  I just realized that they were both work related and kind of contradict each other.  Oh well.

What do I want to be when I grow up?  ASL Interpreter (for Deaf kids mostly)
My dear Elsie... there are not words to convey how proud I am of the person you have become and are becoming.  I wish I had had my feet under me as well as you do at eighteen.  May Jesus continue to be your best friend and may He lead you as you discover the differences that come with being an adult.:)
You're ready, and I couldn't be happier or more excited to see what God will do in and through you.
Love you more than words!

Happy Birthday!!!

Sweet Momma

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