Saturday, March 28, 2009

Bible Quizzing Success!

This weekend we attended a Bible Quiz meet. Our Elsie is part of a team from our church. This year they memorized 18 chapters of the book of Luke. Yes, that was not a mistake, 18 chapters. There are 27 teams and around 100 quizzers in the PNW District. The meets take place about once a month and begins with just a few chapters, adding more material as the year goes on.

Enough information, I am now putting on my "Mommy hat."

Elsie did SOOO Well!!! We are SOOO proud of her. After this meet she averaged in 5th place for the year. WOW! She is competing with 6th-12th graders.

I am proud, but can take no credit for her success. She is very disciplined with her study. Her Stand-Up Dad is her coach and she shares his competitive streak. She loves all the stats and is always running her average in her head as she competes.

Bible Quizzing is not just memorizing the text. There are many different types of questions.
An example: Question - When they entered they did not find what?
Answer - The body of the Lord Jesus Christ (Luke 24:3)

Question - According to Luke Chapter 21, the whole what?
Answer - Earth (Luke 21:35)

I love that she is hiding God's Word in her heart each and every day. It has also given her the opportunity to make many new friends. She is learning how to speak in front of groups and how to win and lose gracefully.

She is such a beautiful young lady with a heart to match, that I know God has an amazing plan for her life.

For now we rejoice with her as she celebrates this victory in her life.
Sweet Momma

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That's wonderful! Good job