Saturday, March 21, 2009

One Blessing Comes Out of Sickness

Our family has been very healthy this winter. I am so thankful and was beginning to think that we would escape sickness all together this year. Over the past week we have shared a rather bad cold. Not the horrible fever that has been going around these parts, just the kind that zaps you of all your energy and the ability to breath without hanging your mouth wide open.

I acquired this bug toward the end of last week and have felt very crummy. My sweet husband allowed me the freedom to sleep as long as I liked this morning.

My day could have been quite dull were it not for my precious Sweet Pea who also had the crummies. She crawled in bed with me and we spent the day watching Anne of Green Gables. We snuggled and drank orange juice and ate toast and had a lovely day together, except the being sick part.

I definitely have a "Kindred Spirit" in my little Sweet Pea.

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