Saturday, August 22, 2009

Calling all kids...

It's official, we have two certified babysitters at our house. We have waited for this day! Prayed for it in fact, and I can't believe that it has arrived.

Our local fire department puts on a "Safe Sitter" baby sitting course. Elsie and M&M went today and learned a whole lot about caring for children. They learned infant and child CPR. They learned all about safety with kids. I am so glad that this is available for kids.

Stand-Up Dad and I celebrated their success with a night out. Just He and I. They needed to put all of that knowledge to use. Elsie has actually been watching her siblings for a while now. I know the course will give her more confidence and also let her know when she needs to call for help.

So, to those of you out there who wonder if your oldest will ever be old enough or responsible enough to watch your younger brood, it will happen. But while you wait, give us a call! Elsie and M&M are ready for business!:)
Sweet Momma

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Randy said...

AWESOME!! We'll be needing sitters SOON!!! Congratulations, girls!! SJ