Monday, August 24, 2009

First Day of School

Today we started school. It is always so bittersweet. Sad that the freedom of summer is over and so excited over what we will all learn this year.

The first day of school holds a lot of tradition at our house. There are definitely expectations. The kids have an expectation of a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts. My expectations are surrounded by the yearly pictures that we take outside that mark the day and show such a progression of growth.

This year Elsie is in 8th grade, M&M is a 6th grader, Sweet Pea is a 3rd grader and Pumpkin is trying out First grade. This all makes for a busy schedule of school. Fortunately, my kiddos are accustomed to following a schedule and easily work their way through the day without too much confusion.

I love teaching my children. I always say that it feels like breathing to me. When everything around me seems chaotic and confusing, home schooling is the only thing that always makes sense.

I know that home schooling is not for everyone. That is OK. It works for me and our family. I feel very blessed to have the privilege of investing in their future in this way. I better stop blogging and get back to it.
Have a blessed day!
Sweet Momma


Randy said...

LOVE the picture!! I share your sentiments - the beginning of a school year is so very bittersweet (especially for moms...). Katie, you are doing a phenomenal job with your kiddos. Can't wait to keep up with their progress throughout the year. May God continue to bless your family. SJ

BlessedMama said...

I love the part about how homeschool feels like breathing to you. Other mothers who are considering homeschool ofter talk to me with fear and trembling about how hard it will be. I feel like it is the BEST times of my life with my kids. We are learning and growing together. Thanks for the post. Happy school year!