Friday, August 7, 2009

God's Many Blessings

Two years ago our family went to the beach for our vacation. We had never been to the beach for a week before and we were all very excited.

As we walked on the shore the first couple of days we saw many sand dollars that had been tossed by the waves and broken into pieces. In my heart I hoped to find just one perfect sand dollar to bring home to remember my time at the beach. As the days went by, we were unable to find one. I actually asked God if He would help me find one.

The next morning I got up early and took the kids out onto the beach. It was low tide that morning and I wanted to enjoy the tide pools and the like. As we walked, we couldn't believe our eyes as God showed us hundreds of perfect sand dollars placed gently on the sand.

The kids squealed with excitement as they hurried to fill up their buckets. That same morning we found hundreds of tiny mole crabs that we watched for hours as they floated in the water and dug into the sand just like the moles in our back yard. It was a great morning with my kids.

Later that day as the sun was setting on the water I took some time enjoying the beautiful scene, talking to God. I shared many things with Him including my desire to adopt. I also thanked Him for the gift of so many sand dollars that morning.

He spoke to my heart. He said,"Katie, you only asked for one sand dollar. I gave you hundreds. That is how my blessings are. I love you. I desire to give you more and bless you more than you can even imagine. Just trust me."

I walked away from the beach so blessed by God, knowing that He had big plans for me. I bought a jar for the sand dollars. I wanted to remember God's promise of blessing. So if you come to my house and look in my kitchen you will see my blessing reminder.

God has been so good over the last two years. He has worked through our adoption and our little ones are almost home. I can't wait for more of His blessings.

I have told my children this story. This year at the beach they were curious as to why we couldn't find all the sand dollars like we had the last time we were here. I told them that I didn't think that God needed to prove anything this year. He had already made a promise to bless us and He is already doing it.
Sweet Momma


Kris & Staci said...

What a great little story!

Randy said...

God does continually bless us abundantly - sometimes we fail to see the blessings amidst our circumstances. I love how God orchestrates our deepest desires in perfect harmony with His will. Thanks for another great reminder of His abundant love! SJ