Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Very Eventful Week

A group shot on M&M's Birthday!

This week started on Sunday morning with Stand-Up Dad in Kansas visiting his parents and me getting 6 kids ready for church all by myself. This may not seem like a big deal, but I had never done it before. Stand-Up Dad is our fabulous Sunday morning chef and I am the hairstylist and such. So we had toast and yogurt and actually got to church early. We have kept the little ones in service with us since they came home rather than putting them in Sunday school. They are doing better every week at sitting quietly and coloring or looking at a book.

Monday we all went to our Homeschool co-op at church. Sunshine and Little Buddy are now taking three pre-school classes. They love them. For fourth and fifth period they hang out with me. On Monday it was sunny and in the mid 50's so I took them outside to play on the playground for the first time. They had been playing for about five minutes when Little Buddy went running across the playground toward the big slide and did not see a metal bar, just his height that is used for flip turns. I didn't see the collision, but I heard the crying. I was holding him within seconds and I looked to see a lump the size of a large grape next to his eye and then I saw that it was bleeding.

I scooped him up and grabbed Sunshine and drove to the nearest Pediatrician. I prayed the whole way that his eye had not been damaged and that God would allow complete healing. My prayers were quickly answered when the doctor informed me that his eye was fine and the lacerations did not need stitches. He looked like he had been in a bad bar fight. I would show a picture, but I couldn't bring myself to take any. As of today, it looks so much better. The swelling is gone and all that remains is a black eye.

Thursday we all went to a new dentist and Sunshine and Little Buddy got their first cleaning. We found a wonderful dentist that will take six children at one visit! I am proud to say that not a cavity was found among them! Sunshine and Little Buddy did great, although Sunshine was a little freaked out by "Mr. Thirsty."=)

Friday was our second pediatric appointment in Seattle. There is a group of doctors at U of W that focus on Adoption Medicine. They know how to treat and look for issues that commonly occur with children who have been adopted from other countries. They also provide Interpreters to make the children more comfortable.

I love our doctor! She is so pleased with their progress. In the past six weeks, since our last visit, they have both grown in height and weight. Stand-Up Dad and I found it interesting that Sunshine would not speak to the Interpreter in Tigrinya. She would respond in English, but never in Tigrinya. I suppose this is all part of the process. They each got three shots. Big tears and mad looks followed. The Interpreter tried to explain why we are giving them shots, but I am not sure they got it.

We ended our day at the Ice Cream Parlor. Stand-Up Dad was concerned that we were going to overwhelm them with too many choices when we got there. I said, "Welcome to America." Isn't that what living here is all about...too many choices. Little Buddy chose vanilla, which made me laugh. He is definitely not a vanilla type kid.

I am hopeful that this next week will be quite dull and uneventful, but I doubt it!
Sweet Momma

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