Thursday, April 1, 2010

Home Four Months!

Spring is here and things are blooming at our house. Relationships continue to be formed and each day brings new experiences and new questions.

Today as I was putting Little Buddy down for his nap he said, "Mommy, I want to go home." I said, "You are home honey." His response, "No, go home to Tirhas house." Tirhas is the beautiful young woman, his sister, who cared for him when he lived with her. From what we have gathered, she adored him and played with him. She is warm fuzzies to him.

I don't know why this came today, after four months. Maybe it was because he was a little sick today or maybe something reminded him of her. But my heart ached. We talked about her and prayed for her. Then I put him down with him repeating his request.

What do I say to help his hurt? How do I help him understand that we can't jump on a plane tomorrow to see her? I wish she lived down the street and we could go see her. I know all of this is normal, but it is a lot for a boy of three.

Again, I must lay this at the feet of Jesus. He knows Little Buddy's hurt. I have to trust that He will give me the words to help heal the hurt.

Speaking of hurt and healing...Easter is upon us and we are enjoying sharing this celebration with our new ones.

My dear Mother-in-Law sent a box with crafts for the kids. These are Easter Bookmarks. They had a wonderful time sticking on the stickers and adding their own designs.
All of the kids continue to learn how to be siblings together.
Last week during prayer time I was able to share with Sunshine how thankful I was to be her Mommy. She hugged me tight and thanked me for coming to Ethiopia. She immediately asked to pray again and proceeded to thank God for each one in her new family. Her willingness to embrace our family in this way always overwhelms me.
Pumpkin is learning to step into his Big Brother shoes and
is really enjoying having a boy to wrestle with.
This little guy continues to melt my heart with each hug and smooch that he offers.
He is a pure blessing in our family!
May God bless you and yours as you celebrate the most miraculous day in History!
He is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!

Sweet Momma

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