Thursday, April 16, 2009

Finally Toothless!

The day has finally come for Pumpkin to lose his first tooth. He has waited for years and watched as his sisters got candy under their pillow with each tooth lost (I know the dentist loves me for this tradition).

He started wiggling when he turned four. I said that he would have to wait until one was loose. At the last dentist visit he heard the news that he wanted. He had a loose tooth. He has been very determined in wiggling. He has even set aside school work to wiggle that tooth!

Tonight at Costco it happened. He was munching on a hot dog and took a big bite. Ouch, blood everywhere, but still attached. M&M told him to grab ahold of it and yank hard. He did, and out it came! Success!!!

He showed anyone who would look. Even the checker at Home Depot.

For me, the loss of the first tooth is a little bitter sweet. I remember the tears that brought that first tooth six years ago. It is also the end of the little kid mouth and on to years of teeth transition and maybe even braces, ugh!

Most importantly it is another sign that my little Pumpkin is growing up.

Look closely in the picture and you can see the big tooth already on its way in.
I just went in, I mean the tooth fairy just went in and hid the candy under his pillow.
All is well in Pumpkin's world.
Sweet Momma

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