Saturday, April 11, 2009

From Death To Life
By Elsie

A baby in a manger
Quiet in the cold

A boy in the temple
Teaching to the old

A young man preaching God's word
To every girl and boy

Miracles left and right
Filled people with great joy

This man was arrested,
Brought before the king

They plied him with questions
Though he hadn't done a thing

They led him away,
Put him on the cross

If he were to die, some thought
It would be everyone's loss

In the middle of the day
On that hill he died

Men and women both were sad
Many of them cried

Three days later women went
To look upon his grave

They went to perfume his body
Because of the life that he gave

An angel appeared to them
On that special day

He is alive! The angel said,
Pointing to where he had laid

The women ran to tell the others
All that they had seen

Then the man came and stood among them
It was like a dream

Raising hands and blessing them
He ascended to heaven above

This is a tale of a special man
And of God's great love

The story is a true one
It is very plain to see

For Jesus was the man who came
and died for you and me!


Erin said...

What an absolutely beautiful poem - it brought tears to my eyes!

Erin said...

P.S. This would make a fantastic Christmas card!