Friday, February 27, 2009

Chess Club

Chess is such an amazing game. It is not a game that I have ever played. I always thought it too stuffy or hard to concentrate on. It may be those things, but it is also fun. I have been surprised as all four of my kids have taken to learning this game over the last year. I didn't know that five year olds could learn to play chess.

A few weeks ago a friend of mine invited me to sit in on her chess class at our homeschool co-op, during my free period. That day the class had a special speaker from an organization called Chess 4 Life. Elliot Neff ( created the organization to educate people about Chess and how it pertains to everyday life. He was there to speak that day, and I was amazed. In a class of about twenty students and a few moms he began to teach the importance of knowing the placement of each square on the board and how each piece moves, so as to always be thinking three or four moves ahead. If you play chess, this is no news to you, but I was pleased to see that the kids in the class followed right where he led and loved it. I started to understand how chess can teach things like critical thinking and decision making skills.

This same friend hosts a chess club in her home twice a month. My kids have really enjoyed being a part of it. I am so thankful for it, as it serves as a wonderful motivator for completing your weeks work. Our homeschooling continues to provide opportunities that I had not thought of within this wonderful community.
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