Saturday, February 21, 2009

Reading really is fun!

Recently our kids were given the opportunity of reading for ten hours, over the course of a month, and earning a ticket to a major waterpark/themepark.

While driving last night I was reminding them to start marking down their reading so they would not run out of time. The reading has to be for pleasure and not for school. This will not be difficult for my kids as they all love to read.

M&M asked if the time would count for Pumpkin if she read to him. I said that it did. I told them that they could read from books or comics or whatever they enjoy reading. That is when Pumpkin asked if it could be road signs. I joked, "I suppose, if you enjoy reading road signs."

Then it began, all four of them rattling off every road sign, street sign and store sign all the way home. The funny part was that they read them in a silly sing-song voice. I guess that was to show me that they were enjoying it.
Sweet Momma

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