Saturday, May 16, 2009

Awards! Awards! AWARDS!!!

Sweet Pea earns her Third Book Award
Pumpkin completed his First Book in Sparks
Here is M&M with her leader. She adores her! She and her family will be moving with the military. We will all miss them!

This last week we finished another AWANA year. If you are not familiar with AWANA it is a Bible club held at churches all over the world each week. At each club kids from age three through High School memorize scripture, play competitive games, and hear a Bible lesson from a leader. It is tons of fun and our kids have been involved since they each turned three. I am so amazed at how easily they memorize scripture and how much they can retain.

This year each of our kids completed their books. Each year the books get more challenging, so it is really neat to complete the book and earn an award.

I am so proud of each of them. I am also very thankful for the verses that they have written on their heart at such a young age. God's promises never change. His Word is true. My hope is that my kids will carry the truth with them wherever they go and impact the world in a greater way because of it.
Sweet Momma

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