Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ohop Indian Village Field Trip

Here is Sweet Pea and her "Sweetest" friend dressed in their Indian finest!
Elsie is practicing weaving.
Sweet Pea is learning how to boil vegetables by using hot rocks from the fire.
Pumpkin tries to hit the target with his bow and arrow.
M&M has added cedar dust to her cheeks to show that she is friendly, and that she truly is!

Last Friday I took the kids on a field trip, with 40 other kids from our homeschool co-op. We went to a Pioneer Farm that also had another area devoted to celebrating the Ohop Indians and their way of life.

We were all amazed at how they lived on so little and how they used everything they could to make what they needed. They even soaked the bark from cedar trees and pounded it down into thread-like pieces to make doilies.

Experiences like this are so much fun, but they always leave me humbled by how much I have. God placed me in a country where I want for little. He placed me in a home that knows the Lord and worships Him. He gave me an amazing husband and children, a warm home and more food than many people see in months. I have so much to be grateful for.

I know that my children may have difficulty seeing all of this. It is my job to continue to point their hearts to Christ first, then to others, and then to their own needs. It is a lifelong process for us all.

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