Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Our Fun Weekend

This last weekend was very busy and a lot of fun!

Pumpkin had his very first baseball game. He is on a 5 & 6 year old team, which is t-ball and coach pitch. He thought it was great. It was a little different than we play at home. Every person on the team gets to bat each inning and no one ever gets "out". It's all about fun and learning how to play the game.

I did have to explain to Pumpkin ahead of time that when he tagged someone out, they would still get to run the bases. I didn't want him to make a scene about the game not being fair.

I am including his first hit off the tee, but his best moment was later in the game while he was standing in the pitcher position. The last batter was up and hit a "pop fly", and Pumpkin caught it! Yahoo! That's my boy!

After the game we joined Stand-Up Dad and Elsie at the last Bible Quiz meet of the year. It was the District Championship. She has done so well this year and was thrilled when her team came in 5th for the meet.

We are so proud of Elsie! After all the scores were tallied, she came in 9th for the whole year and received this award.

She has already started studying Corinthians for next year. M&M will also be quizzing next year. It will be great to share all the studying and fun with her sister.

Sweet Momma

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