Friday, May 29, 2009

Still waiting..

It is beautiful today! Upper 70's and blue sky. We don't always get this kind of weather in May, so we see it as a blessing. I find myself thinking about our little ones who are not here. I wonder, "Will they be here on May 29 next year? Will they be laughing as they swing in the sunshine? What are their names? Who will they be?

This morning Stand-Up Dad and I were talking about all of this and I thought he made a perfect observation. He thought that this part of adoption was like the 'trying to get pregnant' part of adding to your family. Each month you wait to see if this is the month that you can make plans and prepare for the new child. If not this month, maybe the next.

It is very much this way for me. We just keep praying knowing that the wait will not last forever and one day they will be here, swinging and laughing in the sunshine. Oh, I can't wait!
Sweet Momma

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