Saturday, June 6, 2009

Four Month Update

Time is flying and dragging all at the same time. This day marks four months of waiting for a referral since our dossier was complete.

Not much has changed except that we are done with our homeschooling year. Yahoo! We are all looking forward to a little more freedom and less activities.

This past week I painted Pumpkin's room and soon we will set up the bunk beds. He is so excited! He keeps telling me how beautiful the new colors are.

We are now #67 on the list of families at our agency. So in only 4 months there have been 45 referrals. That's not bad. We are soon approaching the rainy season in Ethiopia. There is so much rain and lack of paved roads that they close the courts for two months.

It is such a privilege to be a part of the adoption process. I feel blessed that our family is able to open our home and hearts to two more of God's little blessings. It is a very exciting adventure. Please continue to pray for us and our new little ones. Please pray for our patience as we wait for God's perfect timing.
Sweet Momma

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