Friday, June 26, 2009

Our Special Dad

At the Tacoma Rainiers game on Father's Day

Hi everybody!! We kids just wanted to say how much we appreciate our Dad.

M&M says: My Dad is one of the best people I know. He sacrifices his daily time for us and our pleasures. My favorite time of day is when Dad walks in the door, ready to have some fun. I love telling him about my day, and knowing that He'll listen. I really enjoyed the looks on His face when he opens a present from me.

Pumpkin says: Why I like my Dad is because he always gives up his time to play with us even when he's tired. I like to have some just me and Daddy time and do some boy stuff together. He is the best Dad ever! I love him so much!

Sweet Pea says: My Dad is so special because he does a lot of things for us. He plays baseball with us. He tickles us. He prays with us. He makes good breakfasts. He teaches us more about how we can know God. He is so special to me and I love him.

Elsie says: A few of the reasons that my Dad is special is because he is so willing to help us and play with us. After a long day of working when he comes home, he always finds time for his children. I love how he cares about my character and tries to help me in my relationship with God. I feel like he is a picture of what our Heavenly Father's love must be like. He's the best Dad ever!

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