Sunday, June 21, 2009

Meeting New Friends, Face to Face...

For many months now we have been following the blogs of a few families who have already adopted from Ethiopia. It is so exciting for us to watch these little ones come home and thrive in their forever families.

The truth is that we don't really know these people. Technology is so strange that way.

Last night we got the chance to meet several of these families in person. A family, not far from where we live, hosted a BBQ/get together for families in the area that have adopted from Ethiopia and those that are "waiting" like we are. The host family adopted a 4 year old boy in January. He is adorable and doing great. I even met a little 3 year old girl who has only been home for two weeks.

We were all thrilled to meet the Kerrigans and their twin boys Caleb and Eli. They are soooo cute. We have prayed so much for this family. It is fun to see the realities of prayers right in front of you. We also met the Fricks, who we saw at an informational meeting about adoption over a year ago. It is so neat to see how much their daughter has grown.

There were many families with their kids already home and that many more that are still waiting. I know I relished talking to other parents who are waiting like us. They completely understand what we're going through.

Our kids had an amazing time meeting new friends and playing with all the babies and toddlers. Last night as Stand-Up Dad was putting Elsie to bed, she said, "Meeting all these little ones from Ethiopia makes me miss little brother and sister even more."

I couldn't have said it better myself.
Sweet Momma

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