Monday, November 30, 2009

Back in America, but not home yet

Hello everyone. We've made it to Washington DC. We're at Dulles Airport which has the strangest looking shuttle buses that take you from the gates to baggage claim - something of a cross betwen a bad sci-fi movie and the coneheads. Anyway, it looks like we'll be at the airport for a while. We just tried to get on an earlier flight but some United Airlines woman with a thick German accent said "no possibilities." That's ok.

The flight from Addis to DC was fine, just LONG. We had a 100-plus mph head-wind for most of the flight so we were over an hour late getting into DC. Neither Sweet Momma or I got much sleep so we are really running on empty. Sunshine and Little Buddy are doing pretty well, all things considered. They are pretty exhausted as well. We just tried to introduce them to American fast food. The result? Thumbs up on French Fries and lemonade but they didn't care for the chicken nuggets.

Please pray for patience and sleep on the plane as we are all exhausted.

Stand-up Dad

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Erin said...

So glad to know you are on your way HOME with your two precious additions to the family. You are in our thoughts and prayers.