Sunday, November 15, 2009

Showers of Blessing!

We are so blessed to have so many family and friends who have prayed with us through this adoption process. They are all so excited about God's work in our lives and the lives of these two precious children that God has chosen to become a part of our family.

This week we were blessed twice by Adoption Showers. Last Wednesday the ladies of our care group put on a beautiful shower for me and my children. They are so creative. They made their own version of Pictionary where all of the words that we had to draw had something to do with adoption, family, or Ethiopia. Some of the most difficult to draw were "dossier" and "70 million" (that would be the number of people in Ethiopia.) We had a great time and I was very impressed at some of the drawing skills I witnessed. I am not skilled at all in that area. The shower ended with a precious time of prayer. I don't know what I would do without the covering of prayers during this process. I am overwhelmed by the power that it carries. Thank you ladies for your time and the adorable books that you made for our children.

Today we were blessed again by more friends that love to celebrate growing families. Two of my friends, that already have six children, took time out of their very busy lives to bless us with a shower at our church. Our good friends the Averills also came and helped with games and sound. The cakes and tables were so pretty. I wish our new kiddos could have seen it. But I am also glad that we had it before they came home.

We played a game where we quizzed our friends on their knowledge of Ethiopia and our adoption process. We also showed a video that told all about the orphanage that our children are from. The video showed life in Ethiopia and told about all of the work that they plan to do for the community.

This shower also ended with an amazing time of prayer. Stand-Up Dad said that it was his favorite part of the shower and I completely agree. Thank you all for your prayers on our behalf. We treasure each one and know that God hears and will move because of them.

We feel so incredibly blessed to share this experience with so many people who love us and love the Lord! May He be praised!
Sweet Momma

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randy said...

Lovely, lovely shower!! We were also touched by the amazing time of prayer. After this morning's phone call, we are eagerly awaiting God's direction. You are being covered in prayer.
Love you tons,
R & SJ