Monday, November 16, 2009

Change of Plans!!!!

We were thrown some amazing and surprising news this morning...

Last night Stand-Up Dad and I were talking about our Embassy date. I said that I hoped we would hear about our ability to travel and keep our December 10th embassy appointment by friday. Stand-Up Dad said that he hoped we would hear tomorrow (Monday.)

This morning I opened the email and saw there was an email titled "Embassy Appointment." I thought, "Oh, isn't God good to answer so quickly." But God also has a sense of humor and there is nothing that throws Him, but He threw me off today.

Here is what the email said: "We just heard from Tsegay that you would be able to come for the November 25th visa appointment if you want to change your flights and leave a few weeks early!"

Oh My! I walked over to the calendar and realized that a visa appointment on Nov. 25th meant that we would need to leave in three days. This Thursday!!!!!!!!!!

It has been a very busy day of phone calls with travel agents, my agency, friends and family who will watch our children and of course my husband. We changed our flights and have moved my son's birthday party to tomorrow. It is going to happen and we are very excited and completely overwhelmed!

This is God's plan, He has known it all along. Once we get on the plane, whatever we didn't pack will not matter. Our kids here are going to be so well cared for, for that I am thankful.

Speaking of being thankful...we will meet our new son and daughter one week from today and spend Thanksgiving in Ethiopia with our new kids. Wow!

Please pray for those here at home. We will be gone for Pumpkin's seventh birthday. He is definitely OK with it. When I asked him what he thought about it he said, "Mom, you need to go and get them and bring them home. It's OK." Such a mature almost seven year old.

Please pray for quick packing, safe flights and God's continued protection over all of us.
Sweet Momma


Noelle said...

Wonderful news! God Bless your travels.

elisa said...

I can't wait to meet you!

Adoption Mission: Possible said...

God is great! What amazingly wonderful news!

Chris said...

We are so excited for your family! How exciting that you get to go earlier! God is so awesome!

Blessings to you all!
the Butler Family!

Missy said...

AMAZING!!! Have a safe and wonderful journey!!!!

Jill said...

Awesome! I just checked in to see how things were moving for you! So excited. Wow!! Okay, why do I always cry at these times....because I know what those feelings are like. You are so close! Have safe travels and a wonderful time!

Randy said...

We are ssooo excited for you!! Keeping you and your family in our prayers. R & SJ