Monday, November 9, 2009

No Autographs, please!

Take a look at what was in my mailbox on Saturday! They are so adorable. It is so strange to see the picture that I have been staring at for weeks on the cover of a catalog. This catalog was put out by Children's Hope International, our adoption agency, to give people an opportunity to donate to various humanitarian efforts. We were thrilled when they asked us if they could use this picture for the cover.

I was looking at it when I realized that Saturday was one month to the day that we hope to meet them. I became overwhelmed with emotion and had to explain to the kids in the car that I was just having "a moment."

It seems as if we are living life as the "before they are home." And the next sentence is always, "After they are home we will..." The truth is, we are not sure how things will go after they are home. We are going to give them all of the time they need to adjust to our family, new culture, new food, new everything. Please pray with us that God will lovingly walk all of us through the process.

There is no news on our Embassy appointment. It is still tentative and we hope to hear in a couple of weeks. Please pray that we will be scheduled for the Dec. 10th appointment.

Thank you again for lifting up our whole family in your prayers.
Sweet Momma


BlessedMama said...

Praying for you and your family! It has been so fun following your family's journey!

Missy said...

Would you like my copy of the catalog? Can't have too many with those adorable faces on the cover!! Hoppe you get the Dec 10 embassy date! Would you be able to take pics for other families if you do?
We are tentatively scheduled for Christmas week, but you never know...gotta pass court on Tuesday first!!