Friday, November 6, 2009

Good News!

This has been a good week! We received a wonderful email from the Orphanage Director at our kiddos orphanage. We sent him a list of questions concerning our children. He was so kind to answer each question in detail. He and his wife are doing such a wonderful job with our kids and all of the children at Hope Community Services. The story about how they chose to build an orphanage is amazing. I will tell more about that another day. The letter let us know that our children are loved and being very well cared for.

Good news #2! A family member of mine had surgery yesterday. We were not sure what the outcome of the surgery would be, but God heard our prayers and she was given the best possible diagnosis! Thank you God!!!

Good news #3! The quilts and pillow shams are complete and on the beds!!! Pumpkin did a happy dance when he realized that I had completed everything. It feels so good to have this big project complete.

Now I just have to plan a birthday party, purchase Christmas gifts, decorate for Christmas, pack for our trip and gather items for donation to the orphanage. We will get it all done.

After I finished the quilts today I made a twirly skirt for Sunshine. I heard that she loves to dance and I don't know a five year old little girl that doesn't love a twirly skirt with sparkles! So much fun!!
Sweet Momma

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randy said...

Sorry I missed the trip up to Seattle today. I heard all about it!! Thank you for sharing and allowing us to praise God along with you!! I'll give you a call this week... Love you all, SJ