Thursday, June 3, 2010

The fun and excitement of 5 siblings!!

Hello everyone. M&M here.
At my house, Life is never boring, especially in the evenings. After dinner, everyone (including me) has a lot of energy and is ready for fun. Tonight was no exception. Elsie and I were moving the kitchen chairs from the floor to the carpet in order to mop when Pumpkin had the brilliant idea to make a blanket fort. Us kids love to make forts, tents, and hideouts using blankets, rubber bands, and chairs or bed rails. While Elsie was sweeping the floor before I mopped, Pumpkin, Sunshine, Little Buddy, and I were making the fort by securing blankets to the tops of kitchen chairs with rubber bands. I must say (in all modesty, mind you) that I am an expert when it comes to blanket forts. Give me rubber bands and blankets, and I will go crazy. Anyway, after the fort was finished, we all had bunches of fun climbing through it, (the fort doubled as a maze with the chairs) playing, and Pumpkin even read where there was light. When we had to take it down , even our dog joined in the fun.

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waitingonhim said...

I can see that they had lots of fun! Who knows what
they will come up with next.I love you guys!
Sweet Pea