Sunday, June 13, 2010

Northwest Trek

We had so much fun watching the otters swim. While we were watching them, the keepers of the otters fed them a big block of ice with fish frozen in it. It was funny to watch them eat their lunch.

We have had soooooo much rain this spring. There have been very few sunny days.

I think summer is finally here. We have had two days of sun. Those of us that live in western Washington have learned to get out and enjoy the sun when it is out. So after church today we packed up the family and went to Northwest Trek.

Northwest Trek is 430 acres of land where animals that are native to Washington are allowed to roam free. There is a tram ride that allows a very close view of many of the animals.

We saw many more animals than I expected to. Our favorites were the otters and all the babies on the tram ride. (Deer, bison, big horn sheep)

It was a great time together. Any time that I can spend time in the woods, I am happy.
Sweet Momma

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