Thursday, June 10, 2010

She's Been Adopted Again!!!

Last night Sunshine prayed a prayer that will change her life for eternity! She asked Jesus to forgive her sins and come and live in her heart! We are so happy for her.

Since she came home she has been so interested to learn more about Jesus and who he is. We have introduced the concept of sin and that we are all sinners. She has had a lot of opportunity to deal with sin and is trying hard to do what is right. I have felt that she understood the concept of asking for forgiveness of sins and have been waiting until she asked for my help to do it.

Last night at bedtime she said that she wanted to pray the prayer where Jesus forgives her. I led her in the prayer and she said, "I feel better."

Praise God for His faithfulness! We are rejoicing with the angels in heaven for one more soul that will spend eternity in heaven with Jesus. She's been adopted into the family of God and we couldn't be happier.
Sweet Momma

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Adoption Mission: Possible said...

Praise the Lord! I'm rejoicing with the angels and your family as well! It is such wonderful news when another child enters the family of God. Congrats to your little Sunshine!