Friday, June 4, 2010

Some Favorite Sayings...

I hope it is not poking fun at language acquisition to share some of my favorite sayings.

It's lidicous (delicious)! - Sunshine

I have to go very HARD! (I need to go to the bathroom. Sorry if you find this inappropriate.=)
Little Buddy

Picksa (pizza) - both kids, I never realized how hard this is to pronounce. We have tried repeatedly and this is still what comes out.

I need to go to the restaurant! (restroom) - Sunshine

We have watched our little ones go from very little english to almost fluent in english in just six months. We found our list of Tigrynia phrases that we used in Ethiopia and when we got home. Things like: stop, wait, are you hungry, share, enough. We quizzed both of them to see what they still remember. Little Buddy has forgotten everything. I was completely amazed. I can only assume that a three year old is in the throws of language acquisition and can only hang on to what they are using daily. Sunshine remembers a little bit. I can tell that it bothers her a little bit that she can't remember.

Little Buddy doesn't seem to mind. He says, "I am all english now!" There is still much to learn, but at least we are communicating very well.
Sweet Momma

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