Thursday, June 24, 2010

Puppy Love

Summertime is fun. But sometimes when you are having the time of your life something unexpected happens.

Pumpkin experienced the unexpected today as he went flying off of a bike and into gravel at a friend's house today. I got a call from M&M that sounded urgent, saying that I had better come quickly because there was a rock in his knee.

Foreign objects in body parts was enough to send me running. When I got to the house he was a bloody blubbering mess. I don't believe that I have ever seen one of my children bleeding from so many places all at once. He is my oldest boy, so I guess this is just the beginning.

I was informed that the rock had been dislodged, but he may need stitches. What I saw was more than my medical expertise could handle. I am so thankful for the ability to go to the doctor and be seen right away.

The lovely nurse at the clinic put numbing gel in four places and came back after 30 minutes and scrubbed his wounds. He ended up needing four stitches and thanks to the numbing gel, he did not feel a thing.

While in the office, I reminded him that he told me last month that he wanted to be a dirt bike racer when he grew up. I think that is out.

He has gashes on both knees, one elbow and a hip. He will be very sore for a while. But he is still all in one piece. Thank you God for your protection.

After dinner I found him laying on the floor with his head in our puppy's bed. I know exactly how he feels. Our sweet puppy is very comforting when you have had a hard day. She's exactly what the doctor ordered.
Sweet Momma

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