Thursday, December 18, 2008

Elsie's Adoption Experience

Hi! This is Elsie. I want to tell you my view about the night Stand-Up Dad told us we were going to adopt. Sweet Momma, my siblings, and I had been praying for a long time. I was getting discouraged. I was not at all expecting it to happen that night.
It was Friday, October 17. We had been helping Stand-Up Dad decorate his office and were going out to dinner afterward. Strangely enough, we went to three restaurants before we found one that worked. We had been seated at a Mexican restaurant and given our food. While Stand-Up Dad was praying,he said, "Help us as we begin the process of adopting two children from Ethiopia." When we finished praying, I asked,
"We're going to do it?"
"Yes," he said.
"You're not kidding?" I asked incredulously.
"No," he said. Sweet Momma and I began to cry because we were so happy.
That was two months ago. Now our dossier is almost finished. I can't wait to meet my new siblings from Ethiopia.

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