Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Lil' Box of Love...

My friends who have adopted prepared me for the realization that sharing the decision to adopt with family and friends is not the same as sharing the news of a new pregnancy. Somehow adoption is looked at a little differently. It seems funny to me because I feel the same way without all the morning sickness. I am just as excited and scared and thrilled all at once. I already dream about them and can't wait to see their faces, just like a pregnancy. I guess it's like that phrase I've heard, "They grew in my heart."

Our experience has been wonderful! So many people are so excited about our decision. We have had phone calls from relatives asking how the process is going. I have even been stopped by children at church that have heard our news and want to know when they can see our "new kids". We are so thankful to be surrounded by friends and family that have been praying for us and will continue to pray as we go through this process.

This past week we hit a big adoption milestone. Our Home Study is done and it was time to get our fingerprints for immigration. Here in Washington State there is an option to travel to Yakima and hand carry your documents and complete the fingerprints all in one day. This option can save on time, so I decided this would be the route we would take. So we farmed out the kids to our wonderful family and friends and took off for Yakima.

While dropping off two of our children with my Sister-in-Law, Stand-Up Dad was given a gift. When I saw it I was moved to tears. This simple present embraced us in such a special way.
This square box had a picture drawn by my niece and nephews on each side that congratulated us on our adoption, as only little ones can do. It was filled with home-made Caramel Corn (Mmm, So Good!), water and apples for our trip. This thoughtful gesture was so deeply appreciated by us both.
Sweet Momma
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