Monday, December 22, 2008

What really matters...

This time of year can be sooo hectic! This year seems a little more crazy
due to trying to complete a dossier amidst all the other hustle and bustle. It's easy to feel swept away and lose sight of what really matters.

This week our town has seen lots of snow. There are
eight inches in my yard right now! We don't usually get this much, so it has caused
us all to slow down and enjoy the beauty, the fun, and the pleasure that
a bunch of snow can bring.

Every time I see this much snow I am overwhelmed at how beautiful it makes everything. There is a broken down old car and shed near my house (not at my house, but I can see it from my back window) that actually looks nice covered in snow. It reminds me of how we are like that old shed. We can be broken and dirty and ugly inside and then the love of Jesus comes and covers all the ugliness with His forgiveness and we become something beautiful. What an amazing transformation.

If you have snow where you live, take a minute to enjoy the transforming beauty it brings. Just now as I was putting the kids to bed Elsie said that the snow reminds her that God is in control. He can give us good things and take them away. So profound from only twelve years of life.

Here are a few pictures that remind me of what really matters.
Sweet Momma

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