Sunday, October 4, 2009

Bible Quiz Meet!

Our church has a Bible Quizzing team that our two oldest daughters are a part of. Last year Stand-Up Dad and I were asked to lead the group of quizzers. We have been learning a lot about quizzing and having a lot of fun.

The best part of quizzing are the monthly meets. Each month, during the school year, our team travels to a church within our district and competes against 100-150 other quizzers. Each church in the district takes turns hosting the monthly meets.

This weekend was our first experience hosting a meet. Wow! That was a lot of work. I am still so tired I am not sure how to describe it.

The meets are Friday night and all day Saturday. And there were 150 quizzers and their coaches and family that attended. We had to provide housing for over 100 people and a meal for 200 on Saturday. There was also the need for volunteers to set up every quiz room in the church and tear it all back down for church service Saturday night.

We have prepared and searched for volunteers for weeks and we pulled it off. I was told that the meet was very organized and that everyone had a great time. I am so glad! I was not sure how things were going from my vantage point in the kitchen.

I sure learned a lot in the last two days. Being in charge of something this big takes a lot of planning. And even then, it may not go as planned. Working with other believers is such a blessing. It is a true picture of the body of Christ, working together, using the strengths God has given each of us.

God sent me some amazing help! I am so thankful for every washed pot, garbage emptied, chair moved, and coffee made. I wish I knew a way to let them know how much I appreciate their gift of service. The words "Thank you" are certainly not enough.

I am already making a list of the things we will do differently next time we host a meet. But for now I can go to sleep knowing that it will be at least a year before I have to go through it all again!

Sweet Momma

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terri said...

Katie -
Last night while I spoke with you I had something "niggling" the edge of my mind regarding your weekend and I couldn't quite "place" it ... it was the Quiz Meet!!! Congratulations you are done - I'm sure you did an amazing job but I can only imagine how tired you are!!!! I look forward to talking with you about it!
I'll pray for a smooth and wonderful day at co-op today for you and yours!