Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Many Hands Make Light Work!

What a joy it has been over the last couple of days to watch as my children work to help ready our home for their little brother and sister.

I feel very thankful that I saved all of our children's clothing as they have grown. I was able to go to the bins in the garage, choose the clothing in the best condition, wash it and place it in the closet. There are just a few things needed that should be easy to acquire. My four kiddos have had such a fun time helping to go through the clothes and there were huge smiles when they realized that all the clothes were in the closets and dressers. It makes it seem real, finally.

Another way that we are preparing for our little ones arrival is to complete two quilts for the beds in the boys room. I could not believe what a blessing all of their hands were this afternoon as I sewed. One child would carefully place the triangle of fabric on a square so that I could sew them. The next child would snip the thread that held all the blocks together and yet another would snip off the extra piece of fabric, so that I could sew the next piece on. Things went so quickly. The quilts are far from done, but we are all enjoying the process of preparing for a little brother and sister.

I can't wait to see if this helpful attitude carries over to other jobs like cleaning the bathrooms and laundry! They are wonderful kids and generally do their chores cheerfully. I am just enjoying this precious time of anticipation with each one of them.
Sweet Momma

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elisa said...

Isn't it so exciting! I installed the car seat yesterday! I can't believe it!