Saturday, October 24, 2009

Fall Fun!

It wouldn't be fall without a trip to the pumpkin patch. We have gone to the same pumpkin patch every year since M&M was a baby. You may call that boring, but I call it "tradition!" It was a beautiful day today and we took our time enjoying all the fun of the biting turkeys, smelly pigs, corn maze, putt-putt pumpkin golf and pick your own gourd for the kitchen table. I can't believe how big they all are getting next to the "How tall this fall?" sign. We can't wait to add two more sweet faces to all these pictures. Next year will be a lot of fun!
Sweet Momma

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randy said...

Randy's on sound this weekend so we went to church last night. This morning I've been enjoying catching up on your blog and my email. It's so difficult to find even the smallest block of time these days!! Our girls always loved the pumpkin patch too and this year it was ssooo fun to experience it through fresh, wide-eyed boys!! Loved your pictures!! Can't wait to see your quilt! The other one turned out so beautiful! What a special and precious memory of all working together in preparation for the arrival of your kiddos. We are praying for God's annointing on the outcome of Thursday's court date and continue to rejoice with you!! R & SJ