Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Every second brings us closer...

Today as I sat down to read to my two youngest I asked Pumpkin to pray and ask God to bless our school. His prayer began like many other prayers and then he began to pray for his little brother and sister in Ethiopia...that they would have a good day and that they would be happy. "And God please help us to pass court, because every second that goes by brings us closer to the moment when they will be home."

This sent me into a fit of tears, how profound from my little six year old boy.

Would you please pray for:
- all of our paperwork to be in order.
- the family member of our kids that may be at the court proceeding. That God would comfort her and give her peace.
- the judge that signs the papers.
- our new little ones, as they are told that they have a new family.

We will be praying Wednesday night because Ethiopia is nine hours ahead of us. We hope to know if we passed, sometime Thursday morning.
Thanks again for your prayers,
Sweet Momma


elisa said...

Father God, You are such an amazing provider, comforter and meeter of needs. We love you and praise you for all you have done and will do in all our lives. Lord, we pray that these children will have a forever family this week. We pray that You are in that court room and that all is well and the court hearing is successful. We pray that the news will come swiftly and that that court dates and travel will be soon. God we know you get things done and we thank you for that!

julie said...

I will be praying tonight for all to go smoothly.

We are waiting for a court date right now and I am feeling really anxious so I can only imagine how you are feeling.

Our families have a lot in common. We are adopting a girl and a boy from CHI (9 months and 7 years), we homeschool, our daughter turned 13 this year, etc..

What part of the country do you live in?