Monday, October 5, 2009

Cider Anyone?

Pumpkin taking a turn at the cider press
M&M straining the cider

I love fall! I love the leaves, the crisp air and crunchy, sweet apples! Some dear friends of ours invited us to their house yesterday to make cider. I remember doing this as a girl and I couldn't pass up the opportunity, even though we were so exhausted from our weekend.

They had an amazing set-up. There was a "hopper" with a motor that cut up the apples. Then we all got a chance to work the cider press. There is nothing better than standing outside on a beautiful fall day drinking freshly pressed cider. Yum!!

Our friends sent us home with 5 gallons! There were many smiling faces at breakfast this morning as we all enjoyed the sweet cider. Thank you Hope family for the sweet drink and even sweeter memories!

It is my desire to take the time this fall to enjoy the beauty of this season. Yesterday was such a wonderful start!
Sweet Momma

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