Thursday, December 10, 2009

Brand New Shoes!

We are feeling better at our house. Thank you for your prayers. Yesterday I decided that we needed a trip outside of this house that did not involve the doctor. I am a total home body, but six sick children in a house for a week was my limit.

I thought it would be fun to take our newest kids and let them pick out new shoes. Shoes were a huge issue in Ethiopia. I brought gently worn shoes for them as I did not have any idea what size shoe they wore. My thought was that I could just leave whatever shoes did not fit at the orphanage. Of the three pair that I brought for Sunshine, only one fit to her standards. It was a pair of salt water sandals. Little Buddy had a pair of tennis shoes and a pair of light up sandals that I had been given by my sister-in-law. Only one of the shoes actually lighted up, but those shoes were the envy of both children.

Sunshine was very upset by her "unacceptable" shoes. In Tigrinia she said to me, "Where are my light up sandals? Why do I have to wear these ugly shoes?" (This is my best guess, but facial expression and hand gestures are 90% of a conversation.) One day when her brother wasn't looking she put on the light up shoes and wore them for two days. They were too small and she couldn't play soccer in them because it hurt her toes. But hey, a fashion statement is more important than comfort.

It was hard for me to watch and I felt bad knowing that as soon as we got home there would be more shoes than she could wear in a day.

So yesterday I took them to buy their first ever, brand new shoes. Light up shoes were a must. Fortunately I found light up winter boots for them both. Then we saw the glitter shoes. Who can resist red glitter on shoes. That was the color she had to have. Please don't call her Dorothy.=) I also bought Little Buddy some light up tennis shoes that he doesn't want to take off.

We had so much fun taking them into our large pantry, turning off the lights, and watching them light up the room with their new shoes.

Sweet Sunshine has thanked me more times than I can count. She kisses her shoes and says "pretty shoes" over and over. I am so happy to make her feel so happy. I only hope these little things will help her to understand that we love her and will take care of her and she can trust us. I know it takes time, but I am anxious for her and Little Buddy to know it and believe it!
Sweet Momma


waitingonhim said...

Loved taking them in the pantry to see them stomp! It is amazing how they love these shoes! More fun to come! Love, Elsie

waitingonhim said...

It was hilarious to see their joy and excitement when they saw their new light-up shoes. Who knows what they'll come up with next! M&M